Why Vidhata Foils

A dream gives birth to a revolution which grows into success. VIDHATA FOILS began as a dream of vidhata which has cemented its place int the real estate and construction sector. In 2005 vidhata foils emerged as a new star in the horizon of Indian aluminium industry and has been shining bright ever since.

Vidhata's Vision

To be a premium metals major, global in size and reach, excelling in everything we do, and creating value for its stakeholders. We spool and slit foil on our own machines and are dedicated to processing and dispatching your orders swiftly.

Vidhata's Mission

To relentlessly pursue the creation of superior shareholder value, by exceeding customer expectation profitably, unleashing employee potential, while being a responsible corporate citizen, adhering to our values.

Vidhata's Values

As the world's largest Foils company, Vidhata offers exclusive and innovative solutions that are at the forefront of the Foils industry. Our Core Values are the foundation of who we are and how we conduct ourselves so when you interact with Vidhata, you can rely on.


Blister Foil

VIDHATA FOILS manufactures a range of hard Aluminium Foil suitable for blister packing of Pharmaceutical Products such as Tablet, Capsules, etc., with the following general specification. The final product specifications are made as per agreed contact with the customers.

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Strip Pack Foil

VIDHATA FOILS Manufactures a range of soft Aluminium Foils suitable for strip packaging of Pharmaceutical products such as Tablet, Capsules, etc. With the following general specifications. The final product specifications are made as per agreed contract with the customers.

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