VIDHATA FOILS manufacrtures house foil in jumbo slit reel form with the following general specification. Final specification are made as per agreed contract with the customer.

Aluminium foil :

Soft, fully annealed Aluminium alloy AA-1200 or AA 1235 Aluminium foil confirming to Aluminium Association specification.

0.011 mm +/- 8%
0.012 mm +/- 8%
0.013 mm +/- 8%
0.014 mm +/- 8%
0.015 mm +/- 8%
0.018 mm +/- 8%

SURFACE :One side matt and other side bright.
CORE I.D. :Aluminium I.D 76 mm +/- 0.5 mm.
CORE TYPE :Flush or Protruded
REEL WIDTH :AS agred +/- 1 mm.
REEL OD :500 mm maximum in jumbos and 350 mm in slit reels.


Each reel shall be identified with a ticket having reel no thickness, width and manufacturing date.

Packing :

Packed in eooden crate with individual reels packed in cardboard box. Relevant markings are provided in crate and also on each of individual cartons.

Test certificates:

Test certificates incorporating (a) Thisckness (b) Width (c) Wettability would accompany the supplies.